Kent State University Independent Films began in 2008 as an effort by Professors Traci Williams and David Smeltzer to create an outstanding and high quality film program after Electronic Media Production majors expressed an overwhelming interest in film-making. Over 18 KSU departments and 100 plus students, volunteers, and community members participated in “Research: The Musical. With collaboration between Pan-African Studies and Kent State University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, production on feature film projects began in January 2009.

KSU Independent Films mission is to provide students with a superior and practical experience in film-making. Electronic Media Production students utilize technical resources provided by the department of Journalism and Mass Communication along with their own creativity to produce high quality feature films. Each film is produced as part of a three-course HD production program being offered by the school of Journalism and Mass Communication and Pan-African Studies. JMC Students are encouraged to participate in all three phases of production to gain a better understanding of the pre-production, production, and post-production processes in producing feature films, music videos and short films.

Kent State Independent Films is currently under the direction of Professors Traci E. Williams and David Smeltzer. KSU Independent Films encourages its students to follow their dreams, continue to grow and thrive, while improving the quality of their feature films each and every year.